Solaio Plastbau® Metal means roof insulation without thermal bridges

Plastbau® Technological description

Thanks to the technology and properties of the expanded polystyrene, the products that make up the Plastbau® building system of Poliespanso (walls, floors, partitions), make it possible to reduce construction costs, optimize lead times and achieve significant energy cost savings, therefore mending the environment and creating sustainable buildings.

Seismic performance

It's possible to realize buildings with a box-like behavior which provide an optimal resistance against horizontal actions. The resistance is so high that you can easily ensure seismic performance above the minimum legal requirements .

Why Solaio Plastbau Metal?

  • Living comfort
  • Environmentally sustainable buildings
  • Energy saving
  • Insulation without thermal bridges
  • High seismic performance
  • Ease of handling and laying
  • Safety in the yard

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